Quality exterior painting can not only improve the appearance of your building but extend the longevity of your façade, reducing maintenance costs and making your property more

Access by Rope specialise in high-rise painting or rope access painting of buildings of any height. Our rope access technicians can accomplish works in a shorter timeframe once the
complication of the implementation of scaffolding, cherry pickers or scissor lifts is removed. Typically, this is at a reduced cost, with far better safety. You will only pay for the time our
technicians are on site and there is generally no additional cost for the hire of equipment. If you choose to complete your painting works by abseil and it rains for a week during the job
you will not be paying potentially thousands of dollars to rent scaffolding that is sitting unused on site, this is just one of the many benefits of completing works via rope access.

Our qualified rope access technicians have a diverse knowledge of painting applications so
we can advise on the best products and methods for your project to ensure durability against
the external elements over time. Need your internal areas painted too? ABR can complete
the whole job, ensuring consistency and quality results completed in a timely manner.

High-rise buildings such as 33 Herbert Street St Leonards are an example of ABR’s high-rise painting service.

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