Why Choose Us

Benefits over scaffolding & Other abseiling companies

Whether it is a commercial, industrial or residential building that requires painting, cleaning or façade repairs, rope access is often the quickest and most cost effective option.

Our qualified rope access technicians can access even the most difficult areas via rope access systems. In fact, often they are able to access inaccessible areas without the additional cost of scaffolding or installation of mechanisms such as BMU’s or swing stages. Our technicians are trained in innovative alternate access methods including ascending, descending, horizontal traversing and industrial climbing meaning there is nowhere we cannot reach.

Rope access is a surprisingly cost-effective way of completing high access work. With the added advantages of quick deployment and setup, minimal disruption to residents, tenants, surrounding traffic, versatile access capabilities and most importantly, a comparatively safe method of reaching work areas.

In addition, you only ever pay for works while our technicians are on site. For example, if it rains for a week during a job you will not be paying potentially thousands of dollars to rent scaffolding that is sitting unused on site, this is another example of the many benefits of completing works via rope access.

During the completion of works, should a repair issue be found we will provide you with photographs and information regarding the condition of your building façade as well as suggested remediation actions.



We are always looking for qualified Rope Access Technicians to join our expanding team. Contact us today to discuss upcoming opportunities!