Pest Control

Don’t let bird debris ruin your buildings paint, or let spiders build their webs on your sparkling clean windows. We are able to help you decide on the most appropriate and cost effective means to deter the birds from gathering, landing and nesting on your building. Our technicians are able to clean and sanitise the affected areas and then install an appropriate bird deterring system to prevent re-settling.

Spiders are another common issue we find our clients regularly experience. Spiderwebs can be unsightly and spiders difficult to get rid of. While cleaning the building and windows will
get rid of the webs, it is common for spiders to re-emerge after as little as 24 hours. As a part of our window cleaning service we can spray into the window joinery killing the adult spiders,and their eggs. The spider kill product we use is very effective and we have found spiders are deterred from returning into the many nooks and crannies on a building exterior following application.

When quoting on a façade or window clean, ask us about how we can help you with your pest control requirements.

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